November Tour - Postponed

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Okiedoke. Sadly we're back here again. So you may have been expecting this announcement - and we wanted to make sure it was absolutely necessary before pulling the trigger a second time - but due to "you-know-what 19" and the brutalisation of the performing arts we have no choice but to postpone our upcoming November UK tour. 

This is of course a big blow to us and we're really sorry to have to do this (again), but the laws are the laws and the health of everyone's family, friends and everyone else are the number one priority (number two in the metal charts).

The shows have been rescheduled for May 2021 and in the next few days we'll announce the new (and improved) dates - at which point you’ll be able to get completely refunded if you are no longer able to attend. In the meantime we’ll be releasing music every month, so hold on to those tickets for a little while longer and WE WILL see you soon! Hell or high water.

Much love XXX

Kogie, Sparkles, Parv & Leo ❤️👁‍🗨