Everybody Gets a Piece Tour (Digital) - Area 11

Everybody Gets a Piece Tour (Digital)

Our debut live album, in your choice of mp3, flac or wav formats!

Also available in mp3 format over on our Patreon for $5, plus you get access to a bunch of other Patreon exclusives (including the Cassandra Rising EP), go check it out here.

  1. Cassandra (pt I) (Live)
  2. Cassandra (pt II) (Live)
  3. In the Blind (Live)
  4. Everybody Gets a Piece (Live)
  5. Versus (Live)
  6. Red Queen (Live)
  7. Panacea and the Prelogue (Live)
  8. Curtain Fall (Live)
  9. The Contract (Live)
  10. Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill (Live)
  11. Tokyo House Party (Live)
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