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While we're working away in the studio on the next musical chapter in the Area 11 story, we wanted to say here's the SPRING MERCH you've all been waiting for! Only a limited run (especially the jackets and tees) so don't sleep if you want a piece!

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Much Love.

Area Area Area Area Area Area Area Area Area Area Area ❤️👁️‍🗨️

Winter Merch!!!

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What's happening Elevens?!

Just a quick update to let you know we've made a bunch of new merch items for this Winter, including hoodies, beanies, long sleeves and a couple of tour posters to boot! We've only made a limited amount of each new product and they're selling fast, so order soon if ya fancy something!

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All of this and more can be found right here on our webstore https://www.area11.band/shop

Spring Merch - Stay Zen!

image description As we head into the sunshine freshen up yo’self with some new Area 11 accoutrements! We’ve made a limited run of ‘Stay Zen’ t-shirts, tote bags and caps. Keep breezy out there! Grab yourself a piece here!

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Okay, Okay. We know, we've been here before...


Our May "2020" tour has now been rescheduled for November 2021! All we need to do is believe, and we need you to help us with that.

We'll be playing all the classics, as well as a bunch of new songs we've never had to the chance to play live. There'll be some sick new merch, great supports, and hell of a lot more! PLUS! At Leicester, Newcastle, and Bristol shows there'll be a funky acoustic set for the lucky lot of you with the extra special tickets to that!

You can get your tickets HERE

Any tickets already purchased will be valid for the new dates, and if any of you want to refund your tickets, you've got until June 1st to do so. Just contact Musicglue and they'll sort you out!

It's been a long time coming gang... BUT WE'RE GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Sparks*, Kogie, Parv & Leo x

A Big Thank You!

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Hey Elevens! Hope you’re keeping well out there.

The four of us just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your support over the last 11 months. As is the case for countless people, it’s not been an easy year, especially as our favourite thing in the world to do and main source of income - performing live - has been well and truly chucked on the shelf.

Considering all music is basically out there available for free, we really appreciate all of you who’ve listened to and shared our music, bought a piece of merch and especially those who have jumped aboard our Patreon. It’s really helped to keep the lights on in the metaphorical Area 11 home (I’m imagining it now and it’s got slides instead of staircases and the upstairs floor is just one big bed). Thank you so much, you really make what we do possible!

If you’re not familiar with Patreon and you wanted to support us through this gigless time, basically you get immediate access to LOADS of Area 11 music for $5 dollars. This includes: Originals - (in mp3, flac & wav formats + instrumentals): SINGLARITY Anthology / Cassandra Rising EP / Floating World / Live Albums: Everybody Gets a Piece Tour / 2000 Screens 2020 / Acoustic Songs: SINGLARITY Acoustic / Covers (17 and counting genre spanning covers): / Cover Girls EP / Flannel EP / Not That Christmassy UK Christmas Number Ones EP / Back Catalogue: Blackline [COMPLETE] / All the Lights in the Sky [COMPLETE] / Underline [COMPLETE] / Extras: Exclusive Area 11 Discord Chatroom Access / Access to the Area 11 Minecraft Server / Early Access to tour tickets / Early access and discounts for new merch

Check it out here!

SINGLARITY - Anthology CD Now On Sale!!

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It's here. SINGLARITY on CD. Bringing this chapter to a close. It's been such fun making these singles and here they are in a shiny anthology just for you!

Click here for your copy: https://www.area11.band/products/singlarity-cd-limited-edition

Full colour very limited edition digipak and art/lyrics booklet with love from us to you.

All Your Friends / New Magiks / Everybody Gets a Piece / Curtain Fall / Tear Up / ØCULIST / Kaleidoscope / Desaturate / (Break) In Case Of... / Dancing on the Head of a Pin / Singularity

AREA 11 MAY(be) 2021 UK TOUR

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Let’s try this again shall we?!

Tickets are now available for our rescheduled TOUR dates!!

We’ve moved it to May 2021 for (hopefully) when the world will be back to normal!!

Expect all your favourite songs, brand new tunes hot off the press, great support bands, exclusive tour merch and a real good time. Plus at three of the shows we're doing an acoustic-set-cum-meet-and-greet before the gig! SEE YOU THERE!!

Tickets can be found here: https://www.area11.band/shows

And of course, all tickets that were previously bought have been transferred over to the new dates, but if you’re unable to make the new shows you can of get a refund on Music Glue.


Kogie, Leo, Sparkles* & Parv

November Tour - Postponed

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Okiedoke. Sadly we're back here again. So you may have been expecting this announcement - and we wanted to make sure it was absolutely necessary before pulling the trigger a second time - but due to "you-know-what 19" and the brutalisation of the performing arts we have no choice but to postpone our upcoming November UK tour. 

This is of course a big blow to us and we're really sorry to have to do this (again), but the laws are the laws and the health of everyone's family, friends and everyone else are the number one priority (number two in the metal charts).

The shows have been rescheduled for May 2021 and in the next few days we'll announce the new (and improved) dates - at which point you’ll be able to get completely refunded if you are no longer able to attend. In the meantime we’ll be releasing music every month, so hold on to those tickets for a little while longer and WE WILL see you soon! Hell or high water.

Much love XXX

Kogie, Sparkles, Parv & Leo ❤️👁‍🗨

Summer Merch!

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What's happening Elevens?!

Just a quick update to let you know we've made a bunch of new merch items for this summer, including t-shirts, long sleeves, and limited edition art prints. We've only made a limited amount of each new product and they're selling fast, so order soon if ya fancy something!

All of this and more can be found right here on our webstore https://www.area11.band/shop

Singularity - New Single Release

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Greetings Elevens, wherever you may be in this world.

It is time for the last new single drop from our SINGLARITY project.

Singularity is now out on all platforms. You can listen to it on your choice of digital music service here! https://area11.fanlink.to/singularity

It’s been an incredibly fun and creatively satisfying journey working on these 11 songs and we’d like to to thank you all for coming along for the ride! We hope you enjoy listening to this one, it’s one of our favourites.

And if you're still wondering how you can support the four of us makin' sweet music please drop by our Patreon page where you can get everything we've recorded over the last year for like $5! https://www.patreon.com/area11

Take care of yourselves good buddies.

Kogie, Sparkles*, Parv, and Leo

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